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Dogma ('Aqîda)

God says in the Qur'an: Say: He, God, is one. God, the Transcendent. He does not breed. And He's not begotten. No one is equal to Him. (Sura Al-Ikhlâs - Pure Monotheism). Dogma (Al-'aqîda) is the science that is concerned with faith (the creed). The Muslim religion has devoted an important place to dogma to guide man to a healthy and correct belief: recognizing the Oneness of God, His absolute sovereignty, His justice, His power, His will, His unlimited and ancient science, His no resemblance to His creatures, His independence from time and space and the attributes by which it is appropriate to qualify Him ... This science is also interested in what the Muslim must believe with regard to holy prophets, angels , books revealed, last day, and fate.

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