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Ready to wear for modest and modern women with Amelis.

Amelis.net is the online store of the Amelis brand, dedicated to modern women's ready-to-wear, trendy for Muslim women with different styles: Arab, Maghrebian, Turkish, European and Oriental...

You will discover many products related to oriental and Islamic fashion for Muslim women wishing to cover themselves in a modest way (mastour / modest fashion).

Our clothes are of high quality and made in different countries (France, Italy, Turkey, Emirates, Morocco, Asia ...)

On Amelis.net, discover a wide choice of women's clothing, long dresses with flared cut. Clothing for all occasions (indoor, outdoor dresses, parties, weddings and other occasions).

You will find on our site a wide range of quality and inexpensive dresses, loose tunics, very long skirts, pants and seroual, cheap jilbab and hijab, abaya at a good price ...

We also offer the "Rêve d'Orient" collection of very long dresses for very tall women (measuring up to 1.80m).

The Amelis brand is the synergy of east and west by mixing refinement, elegance, modernity and modesty.